Feedback from Participants

Dear Uwe,

I'm sorry that I didn't manage to catch you anymore after our panel discussion today. I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed the interaction with you and with professor Spielmann during this congress.

I thought your plenary lecture was very inspiring, and the following human-on-a-chip session had a great selection of speakers (as demonstrated by the overwhelming interest from the congress participants!).

Also today's panel discussion was very interesting. It's great to see the intention of regulators to be pro-actively involved in the development of the concept of a human-on-a-chip.

I'd like to thank both you and prof. Spielmann for these inspiring four days! I look forward to seeing you at future meetings.


Andries van der Meer, Ph.D. | Senior Research Fellow | Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering | Harvard University

Dear Horst,

I just wanted to convey my warmest congratulations for being so instrumental in organising a truly exceptional WC9. I am sure you must be exhausted but at the same time very satisfied indeed with the success. I personally enjoyed the experience very much and benefitted a great deal from attending and meeting so many people active in the field. I was delighted to be able to bring a team of 11 colleagues from EURL ECVAM and to use the occasion to raise visibility for our activities. The exhibition stand worked very well too.

I hope you manage to take a good well-earned rest over the weeks ahead.

Best wishes for now,

Maurice Whelan

Dear Dagmar
Dear Horst

Thank you very much for the excellent meeting! It was nice that Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation could deliver the Award at such large and scientifically important international congress. The organization was excellent and I enjoyed it very much.

With my cordial greetings

Ada Kolman, PhD, Assoc. Professor
President of the Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation

Dear All,

A big thank you: we were more than happy meeting and working with you, organizing our booth and lunch session at the WC9 congress.

Thank you for your professional and efficient cooperation for this congress, for your energy that made all this happen!

The whole R&I team was very happy meeting you and your colleagues, we had a perfect welcome in Prague and great congress and booth moments!

We wish further successes and great events!

Best wishes,

Project Manager - Research Communication
L’Oréal Research & Innovation

Dear Horst,

I wanted to congratulate you all on a fabulous congress and to sincerely thank you for the space that was given for both ethical discussions and presentations from animal welfare groups.

This year has been the most open of all congresses and think the event was greatly enriched by a deeper and broader discussion about the use of animal in research and testing.

Thank you Horst in particular for making this happen and for including me in the programme.

All the very best,

Dr Katy Taylor
Head of Science (BUAV)

Dear Dagmar and Horst,

I hope you are both in the midst of a well-deserved rest! I think WC9 was the most enjoyable of the WCs for me. Everything seemed to be well planned, the social events were very enjoyable (thanks to some extent to the beautiful city of Prague), the interaction among the attendees was impressive, and the science was of high quality. I know it took a lot of effort from both of you  (and from others), but you should feel that your efforts created a quite a work of art.

It was a pleasure to be a part of the whole proceedings!

Thanks from me personally, and from Erin and Hans as well.

Hope to see both of you again soon.

Best regards,

Rodger D. Curren, Ph.D.
President, Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc.

Lieber Horst,

EPAA wollte sich nochmals bedanken, dass Du uns an diesem Worldkongress teilnehmen hast lassen.

Der Kongress war grossartig und gratuliere Dir herzlichst dazu. Dein unermüdlicher Einsatz, Deine Begeisterung, Dein Wissen und Deine Persönlichkeit haben uns alle mitgerissen.

Vielen herzlichen Dank!!!

Beste Grüsse bis zur Mirror Gruppe


Renate Weissenhorn
European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA)

Dear Dagmar and Horst,

There is not much left to say, and I have already expressed my thankfulness and appreciation of your organization of the congress while we were in Prague.

But I also wanted to join in, and also underline that I know it is not always easy to give room to topics that are not on everybody's agenda. However, I feel that it is exactly those issues that make the WCs so unique and particularly important. I For example, the diverse ethics issues or the session on scientific journals.

You left big shoes for your successors in terms of venue, organization, programme, and attendance...

Best wishes,

Roman Kolar
Akademie für Tierschutz