AOPs 101: the How and Why of Development and Use

24th August 2014, 10:00–12:00
Riverdance + Hibernia Conference Halls, Hotel Jurys Inn (Next door to Congress hotel)

Organizer: PCRM and HTPC

If you are wondering how to get involved or apply pathway-based approaches to toxicology to your work – this is the program for you!

This curriculum will compliment several presentations on Adverse Outcome Pathways at the World Congress, and is intended for those scientists who are not yet familiar with the AOP concept but would like to learn to apply it to their own work or to become involved in ongoing projects. An overview of “what, why, and how” will be given according to the latest existing international guidance, and experts will present case studies demonstrating AOP development and application.

10:00: Welcome and Why are AOPs important, and how can they be useful? Catherine Willett, HTPC

10:15: The OECD program on AOPs Anne Gourmelon, OECD

10:45: Practical experience using the AOP Wiki Kristie Sullivan, PCRM

11:00: Introduction to Effectopedia Hristo Aladjov, OECD

11:10: Two example AOPs (15 minutes each)

  • Application of AOP in the Bayesian network ITS framework to assess skin sensitization Joanna Jaworska, Procter and Gamble
  • Constructing AOPs for Developmental Toxicities Nicole Kleinstreuer, ILS, Inc./NICEATM

11:40: Additional questions and discussion


Programme of the Satellite meeting available as pdf file here.

Advance registration is not required. Questions can be directed to the meeting organizers, Kate Willett ( or Kristie Sullivan (