Information for Chairs & Presenters

Information for Chairs

Sessions rooms should be located in advance – refer to the Program overview and Convention floor plans. Chairs should arrive at least fifteen minutes before the session starts. Please accept the time allotted to each presentation to ensure the sessions flow smoothly.

Information for Oral Presenters

Please arrive to the session room at least fifteen minutes before your session starts – refer to the Program overview and Convention floor plans.

Each session room will be provided with a laptop. The use of personal laptops should be avoided since it may cause delays and technical problems.

Presenters will have access to computers in the Madrid room on Lower Lobby to upload their PowerPoint presentation prior the session. Please verify that your presentation is uploaded no less than 3 hours before the session in which you are speaking.

Speakers’ ready room

Location: Lower Lobby, Madrid
The Speakers’ ready room is open during the following times:

Sunday, 24 August 17:00–20:00
Monday, 25 August 07:00–19:00
Tuesday, 26 August 08:00–19:00
Wednesday, 27 August 08:00–19:00
Thursday, 28 August 08:00–10:00

In case you prefer to send your presentation in advance, we will be happy to receive it either by e-mail at  or through