Session Lunch: L’Oréal Round Table on 3Rs

Sharing Ethical Beauty – Education, Promotion, information on 3Rs

Jacques Leclaire, L’Oréal Research & Innovation, France
Troy Seidle, Humane Society International, Canada

Date: Tuesday 26 August 2014
Time: 12:15–13:15
Room: Congress Hall II

Invited speakers:

  • Mohammad A. Akbarsha,  Bharathidasan University, India
  • Shujun Cheng, AQSIQ, China
  • José Cotovio, L’Oréal Research & Innovation, France
  • Hervé Groux, Immunosearch, France
  • Robert Kavlock, US EPA
  • Daiki Kyotani, Nikoderm, Japan

Efficient information sharing in 3Rs has become essential. Toxicology has reached a turning point and is being re-invented. Not only new approaches need to be elaborated, they also need to be shared with different stakeholders gradually. Setting up a broad outreach is key to the success of 3Rs.

This session's objectives are to enhance, empower and encourage initiatives on 3Rs and the following points will be covered:

  • Collaborating with research and public institutions worldwide,
  • Publishing and promoting the progress made in the field of alternative methods development, validation and availability,
  • Encouraging the use and explaining the usefulness of these tools and methods among the worldwide regulatory bodies,
  • Disseminating information and exchanging with regulatory bodies, representatives of the civil society, consumer associations, animal welfare,
  • Training CROs, suppliers and academic partners,
  • Developing scientific partnerships and collaborations, in order to go beyond current views and anticipate future challenges,
  • Connecting directly with consumers through multiple media channels: press, blogs, websites,
  • Transforming toxicology into a modern "21st century" innovative field of research.

The session will be run by Anne-Isabelle Tollet, journalist.