Poster Dimensions

The poster boards will be 1 m (3.28 ft.) in width and 2 m (6.56 ft.) in height. To keep good legibility of the poster and its fixing, we recommend a maximum size about 90 cm (2.95 ft.) in width and 140 cm (4.59 ft.) in height.





Poster Display

All posters will be presented according to themes in Grand Ballroom on Mezzanine level throughout three days from Monday, 25 August until Wednesday, 27 August.

Poster viewing is scheduled according to themes on a specific day during the coffee breaks, lunch break and following the afternoon keynote lecture in the following manner:
• 1 all day Monday, 25 August: posters of Theme I & Theme II sessions II-1 – II-10
• 2 all day Tuesday, 26 August: posters of Theme II sessions II-11 – II-17, and of Themes III, IV & V
• 3 all day Wednesday, 27 August: posters of Themes VI, VII, VIII, IX and X.

Authors are expected to be present at their posters during the above mentioned slots.

Posters set-up time: Monday, 25 August, 7:30–8:30
Posters dismantling time: Wednesday, 27 August, 19:00–20:00

Each poster was assigned a number upon submission of the abstract and should be mounted on the board marked with the same number. It is the responsibility of the individual to set-up and dismantle their poster at specified times, as indicated above. Material to attach posters to the poster boards will be provided on-site.

List of posters is available here