Program changes made after 12 August 2014

(not included in the printed Final program)


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Opening Ceremony: The name of the Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic is:
Jiří Hojer; one more speaker was added: Deputy Director-General for the Food Chain in DG Health and Consumers of European Commission – Ladislav Miko


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The presentation II-13-842 by David Dix in the session II-13 “Endocrine disruption” was cancelled.


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The last presentation (V-2-950) in the session V-2 “Disease models in vivo” will be presented by Ralf Claus:

R. Claus:
Automated, continuous non-contact infrared monitoring system for assessment and stratification in models of infectious disease


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To the session IX-5 “Regulatory acceptance of alternatives” was added a presentation by Ning Su:

N. Su:
The Multi-Center Study (MCS) of an alternative method by Chinese CAIQ/CIQ laboratories:
the validation of in vitro skin irritation testing method based on EpiSkin model

The presentation I-3a-791 in the session I-3a “Tissue on a chip / Human-on-a-chip ” will be presented by Andries Van Der Meer:

A. Van Der Meer:
Human organs on chips as replacements for animal testing


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The title of the session VI-3 was updated to “Human biomarkers – honouring André Schrattenholz


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The co-chair of the session III-3 “Innovative teaching and training tools” is Stephan J. Sigrist (FU Berlin, Germany) instead of Hans A. Braun (Philipps University, Marburg, Germany).

The presentation III-3-537 by Ramasamy Raveendran in the session III-3 “Innovative teaching and training tools” was cancelled.


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The presentation II-11-610 in the session II-11 “Repeated dose toxicity” will be presented by Katherina Sewald:

K. Sewald:
Alternative model for repeated dose inhalation toxicity using precision-cut lung slices


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The Award Ceremony on Wednesday, 27 August 2014, 09:30–09:45 will be “Contribution to the development of toxicology in vitro methods”.


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The country of Ada Kolman (the co-chair of the Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Award Session) is Sweden.


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The presentation VII-2-185 in the session VII-2 “Ethics of using animals” will be presented by Dan Weary:

D. Weary:
Openness and accountability of animal research: results of an expert forum

The co-chair of the session IX-8 “Towards harmonisation in the application of alternative approaches within chemical regulation and management” David Dix (EPA, USA) is replaced by Nicole Kleinstreuer (NICEATM, USA).


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In the session VI-2 “Use of stem cells in screening” the order of presentations was changed as follows:

E. Faustman:
Defining normal developmental dynamics for human in vitro neuronal differentiation – applications for setting a baseline for adverse outcome assessments

W. R. Mundy:
Neural Stem Cells as Screening Tools for Developmental Neurotoxicity

A. E. M. Seiler:
The DNT-EST: A predictive embryonic stem cell test for developmental neurotoxicity testing in vitro

K. Kolaja:
Stem cell derived tissues and the 3Rs: application in drug discovery and development

H. R. Lu:
Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes In Cardiac Safety Research

R. Passier:
Development of cardiovascular disease models in humans using iPS cells


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The presentation X-1-723 by Johanna Fröhlich in the session X-1 “Young Scientists Travel Award Short Presentations” was cancelled.


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Geraldine Hamilton will be replaced by Andries Van Der Meer in the session I-3b as a panelist.