Theme IIa – Predictive Toxicology – Updates, Computational Approaches and Risk Assessment


Kevin Crofton, US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
Carl Westmoreland, Unilever, Sharnbrook, UK

  1. Pathways approaches in toxicology
    Maurice Whelan, EURL ECVAM, JRC, Italy
    Kevin Crofton, EPA, USA
  2. Systems biology
    Ralf Herwig, MPI Molecular Genetics, Germany
    Carl Westmoreland, Unilever, UK
  3. Computational modeling and chem-informatics
    Ann Richard, EPA, USA
    Makoto Hayashi, Anpyo-Center, USA
  4. New challenges in risk assessment
    Vera Rogiers, Vrije U. Brussels, Belgium
    Harvey Clewell, The Hamner Institute
  5. Discussion session: Application in decision making and testing strategies
    Silke Gabbert, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
    Joanna Jaworska, P&G, Belgium
  6. Update from US Tox21, ToxCast
    Paul Carmichael, Unilever, UK
    Ray Tice, NIEHS, USA
  7. Update from Europe – Alternative testing strategies program
    Catherine Mahony, Procter & Gamble
    Horst Spielmann, FU Berlin, Germany
  8. Updates on Activities from Japan
    Norio Tanaka, HATANO, Japan
    Yoshihiro Ohmiya, AIST, Japan
  9. Meeting new regulatory challenges following the cosmetic ingredients ban – Cosmetics Europe’s research programme on alternatives
    Patric Amcoff, Cosmetics Europe, Belgium
    Horst Wenck, SCT AAT & Beiersdorf, Germany